Beakhter, Swarovski beaded necklace

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I am torn apart... :) I just do not know if this necklace needs to go into the "art project" section or into my "wish list".  Do I "wish" to have it? Oh, yes! Not going to happen :) The necklace is not for sale or even replica...  If you were reading my blog, you might even guess who the author was :) Irina Belinskaya made one more necklace with a metal finding that I had sent her. The central metal element is similar to the one in Irina's other necklace.
Every time I see this necklace... I want to grub a cup of coffee and a (big) bar of chocolate... sit in a comfortable arm-chair... and enjoy every little detail.
Thank you, Irina, for this eye candy!

 Irina wrote her own story of creating this necklace (in Russian)


Irina said...

Very nice design! Beautiful!

Irina Belinskaya said...

Natalia, working with you is great fun! This kit is now one of the most loved, that I will be shown at the exhibition as evidence that the jeweler and artist beads together can create beautiful decorations. But you yourself know how to work with beads, so I will not mind if you want to repeat this ornament. So I do not know how to work with metal, so this ornament at me and it will be the only one.
Thank you for the pleasure of co-creation! :)

Natalia said...

My dear friend, you are very generous! And your offer is enticing :) I am not going to take advantage, though :) Please, keep the copyright!
It was pleasure to work with you!

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