Virtual Wish List. Victoria Antolini

Thursday, October 10, 2013

As an active seller on etsy (who I have become), I see a lot more products now and come across wonderful artists and the things that they make and sell. Etsy is a very dynamic website. The items are constantly being sold or expire. It is very difficult to save all those wonderful things that I find. I think, a blog is a perfect virtual place where I can save them together with some information about the artists and their contact info.

Look for the label "virtual wish list" to your right.

My first find is an illustration artist Victoria Antolini.

If you look at this picture (a print, actually) you will understand me, why her art has caught my eye! This is a magical picture... This deer is straight from a fairy tale! The print goes straight to my wish list for my son's room.

There is a Russian fairy tale "Silver Hoof" that I instantly thought about when saw this deer.

The print is sold here (I do not mind sharing ;)

However I do like other artwork by Victoria too.  She has a wonderful ocean art print that I am in love with. That fish is from a fairy tale too, though not Russian... I will have to think what story can be related to it...

Here is some info from Victoria's website:

"Victoria Semykina is a Russian illustrator and fine artist currently based in Bologna, Italy.

In between illustrating, she loves observing people, traveling and riding her red bicycle which features a basket that serves well collecting materials for her collages and other artwork.

Her strong passion for ships propels Victoria to spend considerable time at her shipyard working on the realization of her dream, which is to sail around the world in her largest paper vessel."


Victoria Semykina said...

Thank you so much, Natalia!
Very happy to be featured in your blog!

Natalia said...

My pleasure! Love your artwork!

rill said...

Наташа, спасибо!
Ещё раз с удовольствием полюбовалась работами Виктории! Буд-то в добрую волшебную сказку из детства погрузилась!

Natalia said...

Спасибо, Ира! Да, у Виктории настоящие сказочные иллюстрации, как будто детскую книжку с картинками листаешь. А детские книжки с красивыми картинками я очень люблю! :)

Irina Belinskaya said...

Wow! Magical images! Miracle!

Svetlana Dubinsky said...

Спасибо за рассказ! Очень интересно побольше узнать об авторе таких интересных работ,которые я уже видела на Этси!

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