Vancouver Fashion Week 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It was my second time at the Vancouver Fashion Week. I definitely was prepared much better. I had more time to make an exquisite collection, to find models and a photographer.

My new collection is devoted to the mystery of a dark forest and how ones imagination interprets these complex mysteries when it is placed in this enigmatic environment.

The colors evoke and extenuate a romantic mood: black, aged gold and shadowy brown. Bright blue, fuchsia and crystals are rarely seen together, like two hummingbirds or that first ray of light from a rising sun.

Dramatic combinations of metals and stones emphasize the essence of this new collection:

tarnished copper, antiqued brass, polished silver,
black onyx, shimmering black pearls and auroral crystals. Elegant black lace and hand-crocheted black wire netting provides a sense that the forest is about to unveil its magical wonders.

This image-evoking jewelry, which is both unique and eclectic, is created from airy webbing, metal fringe and bold elements. Necklaces and bracelets are layered, multi-chained, and feminine. Oversized earrings match the theatrics of the other pieces and complete this sophisticated statement.

I would like to thank the coordinators of the Vancouver Fashion Week for giving me an opportunity to participate in this internationally recognized fashion event. For 10 years now VFW has been showcasing emerging as well as established designers. This support brought a respectable reputation to VFW and a global interest from influential consumers and industry professionals. I am honored to be a part of this world-class show.

Vancouver Fashion Week was a great experience for me. Participating in a well organised world-class show is an inspiration on its own. Also, it helps to promote an emerging designer like myself by providing good reason to contact new buyers, and creating exposure through the press and online presence. It also gives existent clients one more reason to be proud of buying my product.

Natalia Khon,
Canadian Jewellery Designer

Pictures are made by Keith Walters

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