We took down our tree, video. June, 2016

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This huge tree grew split tree ways very close to our house. The experts has had a pretty good idea that it probably started to rotten at the splits as the rain waters usually gets collected at places like that. Raccoons lived there, so that alone was a reliable sign that the tree was hollow. Nobody could tell how much of it was hollow, but that did not matter. If it was hollow just where it had a split, then half a tree could possibly fall on the house during some storm. The tree needed to go.

Bye-bye tree, I will miss your shade on the hot days...

We cut the long section of the trunk into shorter sections:

Then the stump has been removed:

It is time to clean the yard:

Rodeo in Cloverdale, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

This is the second year we went to the rodeo in Cloverdale, BC. My husband was responsible for documenting this trip. This is why we have a better video and almost no pictures :) It helped to know what usually goes on there, so the visit was more fruitful too. We knew to sign up for the race cars early and we knew of the rides. Also, we knew to hurry up and get our sits for the pig and the geese race. I am very happy with the video we got at the end! 

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