Grouse mountain, April, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

While it was hot in the valley, lots of snow still laid on the ground up in the mountains. It was the last day of the skiing season. Why did we decide to go up there? My husband could not think of another place that our guests have not seen yet. So, we got all the winter gear we needed and drove to the Grouse mountain in search of great views. 

We could get up earlier and make it in time for a breakfast with the grizzly bears, but felt sorry for the kids. So we deliberately missed that, but still saw the bears though. The bears are always there. Then we went up to the wind mill. The destination is even higher than the first gondola takes you to. Now it is not a gondola, but just a sit for four people. The views is what everybody goes up there for. However, the view from the mill (you can go up the mill itself) is even more amazing! 

We met a grouse bird too! Now we know that that was a good reason to give its name to the mountain. The bird was vicious! )) It wanted to stay on the pass and attacked everybody who was walking by. We had to run from it. Other naive people in shorts got their legs pecked!

It was an awesome destination! If you are ever in Vancouver and trying to decide where to go and what to see, the Grouse mountain is a great choice all year around if you are a landscape hunter.

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