My crazy pendant

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It is hard to say now how I have come up with the idea. I had this reticulated circle with the cz stones in it from my reticulation class. Small 3D elements seemed to be fun to use and I wanted to try them out some day. Also, there was a beginner class coming, where I was supposed to show a cabochon stone setting. A piece of copper had a funny edge from piercing something (who would remember now what was it?)....

I placed the elements, cut out another edge and used it for the stone setting demo in July, 2010.

When it was done, I thought it was crazy enough for somebody to actually buy it. Arnold Mikelson Festival of Arts was coming... "I will take it with me", - I told my husband.
- Nobody will buy it! How many of those have you made?
- Just one. It is nice... Why do you think nobody would want it?
- Ok, if you sell it, I will eat my.... (he thought for a few seconds about it).... I will eat my words!

He turned around and left the room, laughing. I ran after him and kept asking: "What??? What will you eat??? Eat you shirt! Eat your shoes! Do not it your words!"

He stopped and turned around. "Ok, if somebody buys it, I will take you to a nice restaurant!"
- This will work... I will eat a lobster there and you will eat your words!

After all this a piece had to be sold! And it was! Another artist bought it at the Art Festival. She asked to add the second silver dish with a stone and change the way it was hanging. She put it on her beautiful strand of gem beads... and the pendant turned into a perfect necklace! And it was perfect on her.

That was one of those experiences that remind me why I make jewellery. I will be smiling every time I think of that piece and its new lovely owner.



That's a lovely story - great to have memories like that about your pieces.

Natalia Khon said...

Thank you Kate! This piece became my favourite after it was sold :) It got 2 lovely stories that way... and will always stay in my memory

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